FAQ | Bioscience Labs


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) When are you open?

The Subject Recruitment office is open from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

2) Are these studies dangerous?

All studies have some minimal risk, but all of our studies have been reviewed and approved for safety by the Gallatin Institutional Review Board (GIRB).

3) How many studies can I do?

As many as you would like however, you can only be enrolled in one study at a time.

4) How do I sign up for a study?

You must come into the Subject Recruitment Office NO LATER THAN THE FIRST DAY OF PRODUCT RESTRICTION to meet with a Recruitment Coordinator to sign up and be enrolled in a study. We take walk-ins during all open office hours. You can also call in to make an appointment if you’re on a time crunch.

5) Can I make an appointment online?  Does making an appointment save me a place in a study?

No. We used to have this function available, however it seemed to cause more confusion than understanding. You can still make an appointment over the phone. If you are unable to reach a recruiter when you call, leave your name and number and a brief message and recruiter will call you back as soon as they are available.  Please note that making an appointment over the phone does not save you a place in any study.  It simply reserves you a time to speak with a Recruiter.

6) How much do the studies pay?

Typically, our studies pay around $20/hr, although some pay more depending on what is involved with the study. Each study is different!

7) When do I get paid for testing? Can I have a friend or family member pick up my check?

Typically your check will be available for pick up in our Subject Recruitment office after 2pm one week after your final test day. You may have a friend or family member pick up your check but you must send them with a written note signed, giving them permission to pick your check up. 

8) Does BSLI take out taxes?

No, you are not an employee of BSLI, rather a volunteer who is paid for their time. However, if you make $600 or more in a year, we do report your earnings to the IRS and you will receive a 1099.

9) Is there an age limit?

You must be at least 18 years old to participate. Some studies do have an age maximum, but most of our studies do not.

10) Do tattoos or scars matter?

Tattoos and/or scars located on or close to the test site(s) may exclude you from some of our studies but not all of them. 

11) I have heard that you cannot shower for weeks in order to do a study, is that true?

There are a few studies where we have a 'no-shower phase' but most of our studies do not have that kind of requirement. Actually, the studies that have this requirement have a larger payout than studies that do not!

What our Participants are Saying...

I've been involved in BioScience's studies on a regular basis for going on 10 years!

In all that time I have never had less than a lovely experience at BioScience.

Their studies are all low-or-no risk, their staff is top-notch, and the pay is great for the time involved!

I couldn't recommend BioScience more highly!

Kevin, Study Participant

After 7 years and moving to a new building I can honestly say Bioscience is my home away from home. Great people, easy studies to participate in and a great way to earn extra cash. I encourage everyone to try it at least once!

Michele, Study Participant