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ASTM - E2784

ASTM - E2784

Standard Test Method for Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Handwash Formulations Using the Paper Towel (Palmar) Method of Hand Contamination

This procedure has been designed to evaluate handwash products using a palmar surface only contamination method. This method is an alternative contamination procedure to that listed in Test Method ASTM-E1174. The current contamination procedure in Test Method ASTM-E1174 describes a standardized procedure for contaminating the entire hand, palmar surface and back, directly using a marker organism. The contamination procedure in Test Method ASTM-E1174 does not necessarily represent real world hand contamination. During routine activities it is only the palmar surface, comprising palms, fingers, and finger pads of the hands that becomes contaminated by contact with transient microorganisms. These microorganisms can then be transferred to food or objects. 


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